Our massive global system of consumption is broken. Our individual relationship with our stuff is broken. And in each of our homes, some stuff is broken.


For seven years, the Fixup team repaired everything from chairs and lamps to a stuffed lobster. We learned that repair is an entry point for a more thoughtful relationship with our stuff, and to a culture of stewardship, maintenance, and care.

Fixation is the story of our pop-up journey, and charts a clear path for a healthier model of consumption, for individuals and businesses, and all those willing to commit to personal, social and political changes that will move us to a more sustainable and equitable circular economy.



FIXUP has led pop up events and fixed thousands of objects across New York City.  Our most recent locations include:


We fix lamps, chairs, small appliances, ceramics, jewelry, toys, clothing and more.

In fact, we fix so much, it's probably faster if we tell you what we can't repair... ​

What don't we fix?
  • Antique clocks (note: we can replace black plastic mechanism on the back of some clocks, so if clock has that, we can repair)

  • Bicycles

  • Cassette players/boom boxes

  • Chair caning

  • Digital (phones, laptops, etc.)

  • Headphones/earbuds

  • Lampshades

  • Printers

  • Shoes

  • Silver soldering (e.g. teapots)

  • Suitcase handles

  • Very valuable or heirloom jewelry

  • Watches

  • Zippers

If you have a question about a specific broken item, shoot us an email with a photograph of the object and a description of the problem and we'll let you know if it seems fixable. 


Items fall into 4 price categories:

- Small, $20-$40

- Medium, $40-$75

- Large, $75-$150

- X Large, $150+

Prices do not include sales tax and all payments will be made online. We accept bank payments and most credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.


​This list is a guideline only – we will look at your item and make an more exact estimate once you drop it off. Every object breaks in a different way!

  • Lamps: usually Medium including parts – for standard parts

  • Jewelry: Small for simple fixes up to Large for a complex restringing

  • Appliances: usually Medium and up, plus parts (includes $20 diagnostic fee)

  • Furniture: from Medium for minor repair/reinforcement to Large and X Large for bigger jobs

  • Toys: these vary widely, starting at Small for simple fixes

  • Clothing and textiles: Small to Medium, depending on degree of complexity

  • Miscellaneous: Bring it on! We love a challenge. Some of our favorites: pepper mill, suitcase, bird sculpture, photo album, colander, stuffed lobster, baghavad gita, gelato machine, etc.!


FOR APPLIANCES AND ELECTRONICS: We charge a diagnostic fee ($20), as it can take some time to open things up and figure out what is wrong. If we can fix it, the fee goes towards the price of the repair. If we can’t, we will dispose of it responsibly for you.



Please bring any cords or chargers.

Please DON’T bring lampshades if they are not necessary for the repair.

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